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Julie Daniluk

Julie Daniluk

Wednesday, 11 July 2018 06:00

Anti-Bloat Ginger Lemonade Popsicles

  Enjoy ginger tea any time your stomach is upset or when you are experiencing sore joints. If you’re in a rush, you can use a tea bag, but it’s always a good idea to stock your fridge (or freezer) with fresh ginger. In herbal medicine, ginger promotes the elimination of digestive stress as well as relaxing and soothing the throat. Both the lemon and the ginger are rich sources of antioxidants that inhibit inflammation.   First, make a strong ginger decoction: 1/4...
Saturday, 07 July 2018 06:00

Berry Mango Coconut Popsicles!

Move over ice-cream! If cravings are keeping you looking in the fridge at night, skip the sugar-packed ice cream and try some organic coconut yogurt instead. The slow-digesting fats found in coconut yogurt will keep you from getting hungry in the middle of the night. Pro-biotic bacteria in the yogurt also helps to reduce anxiety that is sure to help you get more shuteye! Science tells us that the darker the food, the higher the antioxidant level. Antioxidants are to the body,...
Wednesday, 20 June 2018 06:00

Low-Carb Vegetable Frittata

Spinach is the perfect way to green-up your summer menu. Unlike many leafy greens, spinach is sweet and easy to use in any recipe, which is why it’s so popular.  This recipe is perfect for the whole family. It makes a lovely holiday meal that is quick and easy anti-inflammatory breakfast. It is also a perfect appetizer. Cut into 2-inch x 2-inch bites and serve!    Ingredients: 1 cup           green onion, sliced 2 cups         organic baby spinach 1 cup      ...
Wednesday, 11 April 2018 06:00

Pina Colada Vegan Gello

  Here is a vegetarian version of gell-o that contains kudzu, a wonderful thickening agent; combined with agar flakes, kudzu creates a perfect gell-o every time. Kudzu root contains a flavonoid called puerarin, which has been shown to help with headaches, high blood pressure or muscular tension; it also stabilizes blood sugar.   The agar in this recipe comes from seaweed that grows on the rocky areas in the tidal waters of Japan.   Ingredients: 1 cup       ...
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 06:00

The Health Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an ancient yogic practice, recorded 1,500 years ago in the early Ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita. Oil Pulling is a way to clean your gums and teeth by rinsing your mouth with oil. Don’t swallow the oil, because it now contains all the microbes, toxins and mucous it collected in your mouth! Oil Pulling therapy has been shown to strengthen teeth, gums and jaw, and can prevent bad breath, bleeding gums, dry throat, cracked lips and tooth decay (by killing the...
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 06:00

Happy Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

  Have you ever wanted to learn how to colour eggs for Easter but didn’t know where to start? If you want to marvel at nature’s bounty of colour, try making your own non-toxic natural dyes this spring! Plus, you can really enjoy this activity with kids and enjoy the bliss of the ultimate DIY craft. I love that when you use natural dye, not only can you eat the finished product, you get a chance to play with the mix of colour like watercolours on a canvas.    I had so...
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 06:00

Celebrate & Detox with Mocktails!

Learn to make delicious and nutritious "Mocktails" just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Check out this download to review all 5 of my amazing Mocktail recipes that will help you recover from and enjoy Saint Patrick's Day. It's time to take that traditional cocktail and give it a healthy and tasty twist!   Be sure to watch my Meals That Heal TV video on Facebook so you can learn how to make these tasty drinks.   Rosemary Blueberry...
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 06:00

Tips To Stay Healthy While You Fly

  Have you ever arrived after a long flight and thought you looked older? Flying can beat up on the body, so here are some remedies to help you arrive refreshed and energized!     Travel Trouble #1: Dehydration causing constipation and deeper wrinkles.     The pressurized, dry air in planes can quickly 'dehydrate' your body tissues causing dry skin, fatigue, constipation, poor concentration amongst other things.   Tip 1: Skip the Plane Food. The...
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 06:00

Chocolate Collagen Chia Pudding

  Here is a sneak peek at one of the recipes I will be sharing on the Marilyn Denis Show tomorrow. We are talking all about Health Trends for 2018.    The featured ingredient in this pudding is hydrolyzed collagen powder. Your body contains a matrix of collagen that starts to break down around the age of 21. It is important to replenish your collagen stores to support the repair of your joints and bones, sooth the intestinal tract and help heal leaky gut (intestinal...
Monday, 18 December 2017 06:00

Festive Chocolate Cranberry Seed Bark

This recipe is good for both your heart and your sweethearts! The chocolate, cranberries and seeds all have heart healthy power. This fun recipe takes only minutes to make and really looks impressive.   Ingredients: 375 g       unsweetened organic, fair-trade baking chocolate, chopped into small pieces 1/4 cup    fruit juice sweetened, dried cranberries or blueberries 1/3 cup    seeds of your choice (pumpkin, hemp, sunflower, flax) 20 drops  liquid...
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