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Slimming Meals That Heal

Lose Weight Without Dieting!

Dieting fails because it's a temporary, self-imposed food prison that we can’t wait to escape.

Are you sick all these restrictive diets, that make you “hangry” (hungry+angry) and reaching for cookies at 9pm?

Are you eager to lose weight without dieting?

Slimming Meals That Heal teaches you to do just that, with my Live-It program,

where you learn the science of permanent weight loss.

Discover why you have cravings

Learn how to eat to balance your hormones and weight

Find out how inflammation causes weight gain

Design your healthy Live-It, with over 120 tasty gluten-free recipes to keep you slim & satisfied

Lose 25, 45, even 100 pounds by getting rid of the scales and calorie counters.

Donʼt Diet, Live-It! #mealsthatheal


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What the experts say about Slimming Meals That Heal...

International Best Selling Author and Creator of The Gabriel Method

"The most cuttin edge reasearch points to inflammation as the real culprit in weight gain. Julie Daniluk speaks to the very heart of the issue in this book with sound compelling information, practical advice and mouth-watering recipes. I can't recommend this book highly enough to anyone who is serious aobut solving their weight loss problems forever." ~Jon Gabriel, International Bestselling Author and Creator of The Gabriel Method


Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Solution

"Julie helps put an end to fad diets so we can build a nurturing relationship with food and oursevles. Yes, food can be delicious AND make you feel incredible, Let Julie lead the way!" ~Jessica Ortner, Producer of The Tapping Solution


William Davis Author of Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Cookbook

"In Slimming Meals That Heal, readers will find plenty of priceless information, delivered in Julie's unique and inimitable style" ~Dr. William Davis MD, International Bestselling Author, Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Cookbook