David Suzuki #30X30 Nature Challenge | #MealsThatHeal
05 May

David Suzuki #30X30 Nature Challenge

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Commit to getting outside 30 minutes a day for 30 days in May

and they will help you get your daily dose of nature.

Sign up here: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/30x30


Here are some of my #30X30Challenge photos

Updated daily!


30X30 Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of the #30x30challenge in support of the David Suzuki Foundation

Here is our first #natureselfie - we were in Montreal at McGill University where

Alan went to school.So excited to take on this challenge. Would you like to do it with me?




Day 2 of the #30x30challenge

Wonderful to be outsidemore than an hour today. This 30x30challenge is really fun.

Alan is showing the yard some love and I filmed a food segment.

A brisk wet May 2 that should garner some pretty fruit and flowerssoon! 


30X30 Challenge

Day 3 of the #30x30challenge

Enjoying some foraging in the park with wild deer survival program. So happy at sunset, I could burst.



Day 4 of the #natureselfie #30x30challenge

lying solo in the woods was very soul searching - it was special to meditate on a log with the sun beating down.


#30X30 Challenge Day 5

Day 5: Enjoying a #natureselfie for #30x30challenge with Alan and the David Suzuki Foundation. 

We love blowing dandelion seeds to ensure lots of healthy liver detoxplants for free!


30X30 Challenge Day 8

Day 6: Enjoying a #natureselfie for #30x30challenge with the David Suzuki Foundation. 

 Tree hugging is sweeter when gorilla knitters create

an art blanket for the tree that is warm to snuggle up to.