Happy Mother's Day: Have You Embraced Your Inner Mom? | #MealsThatHeal
11 May

Happy Mother's Day: Have You Embraced Your Inner Mom?

Happy Mothers Day! Every single person came out of a mother, so it is a time for all 7 billion humans to celebrate the person who created us.
Rebecca Solnit put it perfectly; "Comprehend the heroic labour it takes to keep one alive, the constant exhausting tending of a being who can do nothing and demands everything. I realized that my mother had done all of these things for me before I remembered. I was fed; I was washed; I was clothed; I was taught to speak and given a thousand other things, over and over again, hourly, daily, for years. She gave me everything before she gave me nothing!"
I wish to thank my mom for choosing to sacrifice some food freedom to ensure I could learn how to learn.
Years before it was popular, she pioneered the belief that food allergies were at the root of my ADHD and after doing a huge purge of the kitchen and reinventing of the family menu, my grades and mood soared. It is no surprise that after a few years of teenage rebellion I would return to this allergy-reduced eating plan and turn it into my life's mission. My mom, my mother-in-law, my sister and grandma all provided recipes and inspiration for Meals that Heal Inflammation, Slimming Meals That Heal and my latest book, Hot Detox. The anti-inflammatory apple sure did not fall too far from the tree.
Just to hit home the sacrifice, I thought I would share a great passage from Ronald Rolheiser, "Raising children offers a perfect setting for living a contemplative life. They provide a desert for reflection, a real monastery. The mother who stays home with small children experiences a very real withdrawal from the world. Her existence is certainly monastic. Her tasks and preoccupations remove her from the centres of social life and from the centres of important power. She feels removed. Moreover, her constant contact with young children, the mildest of the mild, gives her a privileged opportunity to be in harmony with the mild and learn empathy and unselfishness. Perhaps more so even than the monk or the minister of the Gospel, she is forced, almost against her will, to mature. For years, while she is raising small children, her time is not her own, her own needs have to be put into second place, and every time she turns around some hand is reaching out demanding something.”
As I contemplate another Mother's Day, I have been struck with a great desire to nurture every person I meet. Even if you have not given birth or adopted a child, you can at any time of life, choose to embrace the gift of mothering. There is a huge power in service and I hope that we can embrace our inner mom and share the love today with someone who could really use our TLC!
Instead of sending flowers today, could you plant some anti-inflammatory herbs in a windowsill or backyard plot? Or instead of an over-priced box of chocolates, could you share a healthy chocolate treat such as this recipe below? Click here to find the recipe. 
Chocolate Ganache Tarts by JulieDaniluk.com