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02 May

Julie Daniluk's Appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show

Julie appears regularly on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show where she acts as a nutritional encyclopaedia for viewers and fans alike. She shares information about food and life-style tips that viewers can use to get healthy. Julie also co-hosts the Healthy Gourmet show, a program that is literally a culinary showdown between health-conscious Julie and flavour-focused Chef Ezra. Each week Julie and Ezra take on a contestant's favourite meal and battle to make it healthier AND tastier. Healthy Gourmet is now aired in 78 countries world-wide.

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Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show July 11, 2018

July 11, 2018: Pool Party

Marilyn is having a pool party and Julie is ready to help you deal with belly bloat so you can slip into your swimsuit with confidence!


Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018: How To Cope With Seasonal Allergies.

Julie helps those with allergies reduce their symptoms.


Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis April 4, 2018

April 4, 2018: Spring Health Trends.

Julie talks about Oil Pulling and using Apple Cider Vinegar for healthy digestion and weight balance.


Julie Daniluk on Marilyn Denis Show March 7, 2018

March 7, 2018: How To Stay Healthy While Flying.

Julie shares her tips on Healthy Air Travel.


Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018: Hot Health Trends for 2018. 

Julie shares the 5 top health trends that are going to make waves this year!


Julie Daniluk on the Marilyn Denis Show December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017: 5 Low Carb Holiday Recipes.

Julie shows us how the holiday season can be healthy, low-carb and tasty!


How I Busted My Sugar Addiction by JulieDaniluk.com

November 8, 2017: How I Broke Up With Sugar. 

Julie shares her journey with sugar addiction.


Julie Daniluk talks about Natural Flu Remedies on Marilyn Denis Show

October 25, 2017: Fight The Flu Naturally! 

Julie gives us 5 homemade cold and flu remedies for under $5; top tips on how to chop and prep garlic; how the latest medical news can impact your health.
Food Hacks by JulieDaniluk.com on Marilyn Denis Show
Having a few good kitchen hacks in your back pocket is always a good idea. Whether you need to quickly ripen some fruit, or looking for a way to whip up eggs for a party of 12 in a flash, Julie has the answer.
Julie Daniluk talks about her heart scare on Marilyn Denis Show
She wants every woman to learn from her mistake.
Julie Daniluk shows you how to make your own probiotic food on the Marilyn Denis Show
Do you think fermenting your own yogurt feels too much like a science experience? The good news is it is easier than you think. A few simple ingredients and you will find yourself saving lots of money and improving your digestion! 

Julie Daniluk on the Marilyn Denis Show June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017: 3 Healthy Lunch Makeovers!

It is easy to get into a lunch rut. If the same old boring lettuce salad, sandwich or noodles leaves you nodding off. It’s time to excite the taste buds and raise the bar on nutrition.

Marilyn Denis' Angels Julie Daniluk and Abby Sharp
Going gluten-free doesn't mean you need to give up your favourite comfort foods. A few simple swaps, courtesy of Abbey Sharpe and Julie Daniluk will help you fill those cravings without sacrificing your diet.
Are you are you looking to improve your digestion? If so, there are some key healthy ingredients to keep in mind, and we are going to hide them in delicious dinner items that are bound to please the whole family.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Refined carbohydrates are often called empty calories. However, they’re worse than “empty”. They’re comparable to credit cards that create nutritional debt in the body.
Julie shares her tips for detoxing this winter with hot, delicious foods. 
Julie Daniluk making an Orange Candle on The Marilyn Denis Show
How to make fragrant candles from oranges and other holiday food hacks.
How do you enjoy your favourite fall flavours without the allergic reactions, bloating and weight gain? Julie will show us how to have it all with these fast and tasty recipe hacks!
Did you know that people throw away 1/3 of all the food we bring into the house? What if we could drastically cut down on food waste by learning some cool new ways to use 100% of the produce you buy? Julie is here today to walk us through her top tips.
Julie Daniluk The Bee Keeper
Honey is nature's sweetener, but few know that this delicious natural food can also be super healthy for you! Julie is here talk about the benefits of honey, and to whip up a recipe from her book.
Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis
.Julie shares a selection of recipes that can help picky eaters broaden their food horizons. With little variety in your diet, you run the risk of suffering from several different nutritional deficiencies. 
Which is the best juice to order at a Juice Bar. Julie gives us tips to follow.
Julie's Healthy Late Night Snacking
Julie shares some recipes to help you curb unhealthy late night snacking.
Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis
Julie dishes on the health benefits of some of the amazing foods she enjoyed on a recent trip to Hawaii, and shares two delightful recipes that will have you seeing palm trees!
Julie shares healthy teas that help with detoxification.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Julie shares four winter smoothie recipes for every holiday mood.
Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis
Which foods pack the most nutrition? Take the quiz!
There is no great mystery that the food you eat makes a major impact on how your body functions. You know that if you give your body the good nutrients that it needs you will feel better and your body will function more efficiently. Julie reveals the foods that will help you sleep better and ease your stress.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Julie talks about what your nails say about your health.
Julie shares five chill-tastic recipes to help you beat the summer heat.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
.Julie shares free wild edibles that taste great and can pack double the nutrition of their store bought cousins, like dandelion, burdock, plantain, ginkgo and lamb's quarters.
Eating healthy can often seem rather expensive, but nutritionists, Julie Daniluk and Miranda Malisani, know how and where to find cheat and healthy eats!
Julie Daniluk Prepping Bone Broth on The Marilyn Denis Show
Julie discusses this hottest health trend that can do amazing things for your body!
There are some foods that your body may not agree with, but have no fear! There are substitutes for almost everything. 
Julie Daniluk and John Edward on The Marilyn Denis Show
Some foods pack on the pounds, while others help you shed them. Nutritionist, Julie reveals which ones can bolster your weight loss efforts instead of sabotaging them like you may think.
Superfoods are those that are packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Eating them can do wonders for your body and some new ones are gaining popularity. Julie discusses some of the latest superfoods that can aid in your weight loss efforts.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Julie explains how social media can help focus our weight loss efforts, find motivation, and provide quick, useful information that will benefit our bodies.
Julie reveals how you can eat your way to a stronger, healthier gut and what foods will help.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Where The Hot Detox Plan all began!
A Thanksgiving meal can pack quite the calorie punch with all those creamy sauces, doughy desserts and heavy casseroles. Julie will be head-to-head with Chef Lynn Crawford to see who can trim the most fat, calories, and other unnecessary additives
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
The results of the Trim The Fat From Thanksgiving cook-off!
You’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies eating certain foods. No doubt you experienced any number of abdominal discomforts. Did you know that certain foods actually cause our stomachs more distress than others? Julie talks about these foods and shares some delicious alternatives.
Julie Daniluk, Marilyn Denis and John Edward
It’s true what they say, you are what you eat. There are plenty of smart options when it comes to foods that can help guard the brain against senility and amp up the neurotransmitters responsible for memory. Take Julie’s mini quiz to find out which foods pack a punch.
Creamy dips are a well known diet bomb, but there are plenty of healthy alternatives. Julie shares some of her favourite recipes for healthy summer dips.
Julie Daniluk and Marilyn Denis
Julie shows us some healthy chip options for every snack-lover. These would make great accompaniments to her slimming dips, or any of your favourite snacks, even a sandwich!
Julie Daniluk introduces Slimming Meals That Heal on the Marilyn Denis Show ~ JulieDaniluk.com
Belly bloat affects many of us, but what you’re eating may actually be to blame. Julie reveals what’s contributing to your inflated belly, as well as some recipes to keep you looking tight and trim.
Julie Daniluk Introducing Slimming Meals That Heal on The Marilyn Denis Show
Julie’s new book “Slimming Meals That Heal “ offers the Live-It philosophy, a culinary exploration to find natural foods that fulfill both your health needs and your cravings. Clients that have followed the SMTH anti-inflammatory plan have lost 25, 45 and even 100 pounds.
Julie reveals the healthy food options you should be reaching for.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Doing a cleanse is hard enough, but how can you come off it cleanly and without ruining all the work you’ve done? Julie discusses how to re-introduce solids food from which to grab for to what to avoid.
Julie shares her favourite mood-boosting foods for the cold winter months.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
.Julie unveils her three-day reboot cleanse! This detox is very soothing because everything is blended, doing all the work for the digestion system and giving it a much-needed rest.
Julie shares some suggestions to get the most out of your detox.
Julie Daniluk on The Marilyn Denis Show
Who shut off our energy supply and replaced it with the urge to carbo-load? Julie discusses how the season affects out energy levels and what we can do to get an extra boost.

To learn more about what Julie has to offer, purchase her 3 bestselling books!

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