St. Patrick's Day Natural Hangover Guide | #MealsThatHeal
17 Mar

St. Patrick's Day Natural Hangover Guide

This is not an endorsement to drink excessively but I am often asked the question, "How do you cure a hangover?" during celebrations such as St. Patrick's Day. Joyce Brothers once said, “Shopping on credit is much like being drunk. The buzz happens immediately and gives you a lift... The hangover comes the day after.” Instead of holding your head, moaning the morning after, these quick and easy foods will help reduce or prevent the pain of over indulgence. 
Problem: Dehydration
Hydration: Choose a beverage such as coconut water or fresh lemon and water and start to drink. This will help flush the alcohol from your system and rehydrate your cells. The worse thing to drink at this point is coffee as it will dehydrate you further.
Problem: Feeling Toxic
Solution: Detox your liver. Fresh beet/carrot/apple juice with a shot of turmeric powder is a great morning-after cocktail. Beet is the real powerhouse cleaner. The apple contains a Calcium D-Glucerate. Also consider eating an apple whole  because you get 5 grams of fibre that will help flush things out! This helps the live process and flush alcohol. Try detoxifying green drinks, which are packed with supportive B-Vitamins and minerals, to ease jangled nerves.
Problem: Sore Stomach and Diarrhea 
Solution: Protect your tummy with miso soup, fermented foods such as sauerkraut and coconut yogurt. They contain good bacteria that help replenish the lining in your digestive tract. When your ‘good troops’ are in position your movements are all smooth. A probiotic powder can also be helpful. 
Problem: Low Blood Sugar, Headaches and Fatigue
Solution: Choose easy-to-digest quinoa porridge sprinkled with lots of cinnamon. This provides B vitamins and potassium to rebalance your electrical system and fibre, protein and cinnamon to stabilize your blood sugar. You can cut cravings and get your energy back with this hearty breakfast. 
Problem: Swollen Puffy Eyes and Stiffness All Over
Solution: Berries, pineapple and papaya are rich sources of protein digestive enzymes like bromelain, which reduce swelling and inflammation. If you’re going to an office party, consider eating a few slices of fresh-cut pineapple as a pre-event appetizer. It is good to eat enough that you start to get that tingle from the enzyme working on your tongue. ½ cup serving is enough to get the enzymes flowing!

Have Fun, Connect With Friends & Please Drink Responsibly! 

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Julie Daniluk RHN, Bestselling Author, TV Host