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09 Jan

Canada’s 100 Top Health Influencers: OptiMYz Magazine

I wanted to take a moment to express some gratitude for being included in Optimyz Magazine list of the top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers in Canada. I was so honoured to appear in this group as the circle of health experts in Canada is growing and so many of my dear friends made the list. 

If you are able to pick up a copy of the magazine (available at Chapters/Indigo, Shopper's, Walmart, Loblaw's and more), I'm sure you'll be impressed by the people they have chosen and the work they are doing. We need more people like this, and I am grateful to be included in such great company. I am also grateful that the work I do is not only noticed, but also celebrated for its impact in improving lives. Click here to check out the list online.
OptiMYz Mag Influencer 2017 ~
Let me walk you through some of my favourite mentions:
I am happy to see my friend Bryce Wylde, clinic director at P3 health clinic, is included on the OptiMYz list. He has a deep understanding of functional medicine and has an amazing success rate with anyone I send his way. He works like Sherlock Holmes by looking for clues in detailed tests that are on the cutting edge of technology in order to improve his clients health. He is also the medical advisor to The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on every media outlet in Canada.
I feel I won the audition lottery when I was picked to join Marilyn Denis Show as one of the resident health experts 6 years ago. Marilyn made this important list because of her passion to share healing remedies with her massive audience in Canada and beyond. I want people to know that she is as lovely and kind off camera as she is on camera. There is a good reason she has hosted for more than 25 years. She is funny, wise and all around wonderful.
My fellow nutritionist and dear friend Melissa Ramos has big focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her understanding of balancing hormones and how to heal digestion is unique and inspiring. I appreciate that she is so generous with her knowledge and I am so grateful she shares the world’s cutest dog named Bodhi with me on lovely walks in Toronto. 
Mike Fata earned his way onto this list for being an environmental and health champion who successfully advocated the legalization of industrial hemp in Canada. He lost 100lbs when he embraced a menu high in hemp hearts, which are rich in essential amino acids and minerals. We met close to 20 years ago and amazing work ethic has put his Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts into the homes across North America.
Marc St-Onge is an extraordinary entrepreneur and environmentalist who was the brain child behind my favourite omega-3 supplements, NutraSea and NutraVege (now apart of the Nature’s Way family). He now heads up Bend skincare, a omega-3 rich beauty product that you drink to provide skin protection.
Helen Long has such an incredibly important job of heading up The Canadian Health Food Association. Not only does the CHFA create the most important trade show for the health industry in Canada, they also advocate on our behalf about important consumer health issues with parliament. Thank goodness we have such a smart cookie at the helm! 
Lulu Cohen-Farnell is a passionate food activist who created a natural catering company, Real Food for Real Kids, that feeds 15,000 children a day. Along with her husband David, they are changing the face of food for youngsters who rely on their meal delivery to not just fill their tummy but also feed their brain. My husband Alan worked with them early in their company's development and can personally vouch for their consistent integrity with both the food they serve and they people they employ.
Joy McCarthy is a nutritionist who lives up to her name with her thriving nutrition company Joyous Health. Besides making divine recipes that everyone snatches up on social media, she also has created some incredible beauty products that add shine to your day without any artificial ingredients. She is a dear friend and I love that she is so willing to share the benefits of good food to Canadians. 
Sherry Torkos is a rare gem, both authoring health books and educating people the importance of holistic pharmacy. We need more people like Sherry who can integrate naturopathic remedies with important conventional treatments.
Harley Pasternak and I worked on the first season of the Right Fit, a health show that aired on W network for many years. He went on to become a celebrity trainer for the top stars in Hollywood, but I will always remember him as a sweet down to earth trainer who really cares that people find health through movement.
Brad King really switched up the industry when he created his amazing book, The Fat Wars. He is a master product formulator and a brilliant nutritional researcher. 
Dr. Marita Schauch and I often appear on the same public speaking circuit, educating people about how to balance hormones to reach optimum health. Her book, Making Sense of Women’s Health is a gift to the world and her loving spirit shines through in every meeting.
This list would not be complete without mentioning one of the true pioneers in the health industry, Sam Graci. His books and products have helped Canadians get more alkaline for more than 3 decades. To meet him is to understand his genuine passion to help people.
If you have the chance to meet any of these people mentioned by OptiMYz, please extend them a heartfelt thank you and encourage them to continue their important work. It is because of them that we live in one of the greatest countries on Earth!
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