Stress Reduction With Yoga Nidra | #MealsThatHeal
20 Apr

Stress Reduction With Yoga Nidra

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years. In all my years, Yogi Shambu has been the best teacher. He is deep and wise but also has an incredible sense of humour. I like that he believes in sticking closely to the authentic Hatha yoga practices in India. He teaches me WHY I am doing a pose. How each posture helps to balance hormones and strengthens our nervous system.
I want to share one of the greatest tools I use daily to stay happy and calm. Yoga Nidra is a technique Shambu taught me many years ago and it allows me to face international travel, 12 hour work days and perform TV appearances with energy and joy. ~Julie
The good news is Yogi Shambu has gifted you an incredibly powerful Yoga Nidra to try.
We have all heard the benefits of meditation. It reduces stress; it balances our emotions and strengthens the mind.  With all of these benefits why do we not see more people meditating? Lets look at the top 3 reasons and how Yoga Nidra can be a simple and easy solution. 
1. Yoga Nidra is a passive form of meditation. Traditional meditation is often expected to be self-directed. Most of us are too depleted to stay ‘present’ and lead ourselves through a meditation. In Yoga Nidra you are only asked to follow the audio prompts to the best of your ability. No undue mental effort required. 
2. Yoga Nidra is performed in the laying down position. When we think of a person meditating we often think of a person sitting cross-legged on the floor with there back perfectly straight. Though a very romantic notion this position is often painful and literally impossible for the majority of people to maintain. In Yoga Nidra all you have to do is lay down, cover your self with your favorite blanket and relax. 
3. Yoga Nidra can take as little as 15 minutes to perform. When we think of meditation we often think of long hours in silence removed from our everyday lives. With Yoga Nidra you can achieve a deep state of rest, rejuvenation and lasting peace in the same time as the average nap. 
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Yogi Shambu lives and works in Canada but serves an international cliental. He works to embody the great tantric Satyananda Saraswati’s mandate “love, serve, meditate, realize.” He helps people return to themselves and find their inherent strength and guidance. He works with people to release the energetic residue of experiences (situations and beings), which then allows their actual present reality to come into clarity. He offers massage, energy attunements and counselling combined with yogic teaching to people in a variety of circumstances, working with individuals, families, couples and companies to facilitate their evolution. 
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