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Raspberry Hemp Sorbet

There are so many reasons so to include hemp into your health regime!

*Is an excellent source of easily digestible protein.
*It contains the anti-inflammatory GLA omega-6.
*It lowers bad LDL cholesterol and improves the cholesterol ratio.
*It is an excellent source of magnesium, zinc, calcium, manganese and iron.
*The GLA and magnesium content makes it a perfect food to regulate hormones.
This tasty treat is healthy enough for breakfast and can be used as a frozen desert or a quick morning sorbet on a hot day.

1 cup                          frozen organic raspberries
1 cup                          ice
1 cup                          water
1/3 cup                       berry juice
1 tbsp                         maca powder
1/4 cup                       hemp hearts
2 grams (packets)      stevia powder
1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. You may need to stir the ingredients a few times for a more consistent texture.
2. Portion equally into 4 bowls and then freeze overnight or serve immediately as a sorbet. Makes 3 cups.
Note: Maca is not suitable for children under the age of 16. Simply omit this ingredient if you are serving this to the younger crowd.

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