Chocolate Chia Raspberry Pudding | #MealsThatHeal
24 Mar

Chocolate Chia Raspberry Pudding

Pudding for breakfast? Sure! Everything about this pudding healthy, nutritious and anti-inflammatory. It is also fun way to start the day. Click here for more info on raw chocolate. For more info on chia, click here.



4 tbs            whole chia seeds

1/3 cup        hot water

1 tbs            raw coco powder

2 tbs            raw honey

3 tbs            hemp hearts

1/2 cup        raspberries (fresh or thawed frozen)

few drops    organic vanilla extract



1. Place all ingredients into a sealed container that you can shake. 

2. Shake filled container vigorously to mix ingredients well.

3. Let sit for at least 10 minutes so the chia seed as a chance to absorb the liquid and become a gel or pudding consistency. 

4. If the pudding is too thick, add more a bit more water and stir. 

5. Add your favourite topping such as coconut flakes.

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