Raw Strawberry Chia Fridge Jam | #MealsThatHeal
13 Jun

Raw Strawberry Chia Fridge Jam

Making homemade strawberry jam is a favourite activity this time of year but most recipes call for high amounts of unnecessary sugar. I love this raw honey sweetened recipe as it preserves all the micro-nutrients, such as Vitamin C, in the berries. You can use frozen berries if fresh is not available in your area. Using ground chia seed as a thickener makes this recipe quick and easy!
*Please note this is a fridge or freezer jam and cannot be kept on the shelf. For more info on the nutritional benefits of strawberries, click here.
Raw Strawberry Chia Fridge Jam
1lb (3 cups)  fresh organic strawberries
2 tbsp           ground chia seeds
2 tbsp           raw honey
1/2 tsp           vanilla powder or extract
1. Wash berries well. Remove tops from strawberries and put into a blender.
2. Add ground chia seeds, raw honey and optional vanilla to the strawberries.
3. Process until smooth.
4. Transfer to a glass mason jar, cover with a sealable lid and refrigerate for a few hours to thicken.
5. The honey will help to preserve the jam for up to 2 weeks if stored in the fridge. It will store for much longer in a freezer. 
Makes 3 Cups.